In the November presidential election, about 69% of registered voters showed up to the polls.

In the August primary, about 41% cast ballots.

In the May 2019 election (the last spring election we had), just 28% voted.

Clerks across Michigan report similar trends, and have for years. Outside of the fall elections in which we choose our governor or our president, most voters just stay home.

That’s a shame.

Especially because most non-fall elections decide local property tax issues, those who stay home simply give more power to those who show up to decide how much money comes out of our paycheck to fund government.

That power should belong to all of us, and none of us should give an inch of that power up.

On Tuesday, Alpena County voters will decide whether the county gets to continue charging $3 on every phone line in the county to help fund 911 services. That’s an important vote, and more than a quarter of our residents ought to have a say in the outcome.

If you’re a registered voter in Alpena County, head to the polls on Tuesday. If you’re not registered, get information on how to register at Michigan.gov/vote or at your city or county clerk’s office.

Hold on to your power. And exercise your power.


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