Keep up the good work on vaccines

Reading Tuesday’s edition of The News thrilled us.

To see that Presque Isle County leads the state in its vaccination rates and that all four Northeast Michigan counties have earned a spot in the top 10 overjoyed us.

Much credit goes to our public health officials, pharmacists, doctors and others actually putting the shots in arms. They’ve developed a good system to get people into vaccine appointments quickly and efficiently, despite the logistical hurdles of transporting a vaccine that requires super-cold storage to a region with limited super-cold storage capabilities.

Much credit goes also to you, dear readers, for making the effort to schedule those appointments, wait in line, and take time out of your day to get the shot.

The work’s not over yet. State data shows about half of Northeast Michigan’s population has received at least one shot (the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require a double dose), but public health leaders say at least 70% and perhaps as much as 85% of the population must get vaccinated before we can declare the coronavirus pandemic over.

Most of those who’ve received the vaccine thus far are older or diagnosed with other preexisting conditions. The focus now turns to younger people (those 50 or younger) and healthy people, many of whom may feel they don’t need the shot because their risk is low.

But, just like everything else about this virus, from wearing masks to staying distant from strangers, vaccination is not about you. Getting your shot when you can protects all of us, and it helps us all get back to work and back to a life worth living.

So, please, keep up the work. Keep the foot on the gas.

We’ve done well, but we’re not done yet.


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