Let’s just enjoy the good news

Repeatedly throughout the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve urged our readers to be cautious with good news, that they shouldn’t let their guard down when it comes to protecting themselves and others from the virus.

While that remains true, today, we just want to pause for a moment to bask in some good news.

Thursday marked Northeast Michigan’s first full week without a coronavirus-related death since early November. That’s good news.

About 18,000 doses of coronavirus vaccine have been administered in Northeast Michigan. That’s good news.

It’s also good news that regional hospitalization rates are falling, with just one coronavirus patient at MidMIchigan Medical Center-Alpena as of Thursday.

The number of infected Northeast Michiganders continues to ebb and flow, but the seven-day average of daily new infections at the end of last week was about 15, half what it was back in November.

That’s good news.

As we approach a full year of COVID-19 disruptions, it’s important we take a moment to pause and revel in whatever good news we can get.

Thank you to every health care worker who helped keep us safe, to every person who wore a mask and washed their hands to help stop the spread.

Thank God we have some things to celebrate.


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