Thank you for your beautiful photos

If you want to know what makes Northeast Michigan great, just look around.

Be it snow or an autumnal color show, our trees are plentiful and picturesque, and wildlife frolic on and beneath their boughs. Be it frighteningly beautiful ice or the rolling serenity of open water, Lake Huron, the Thunder Bay River, and our inland lakes are gorgeous day in and out, and wildlife play there, too.

If a newspaper is to reflect its community, The Alpena News must showcase natural splendor to accurately reflect Alpena, Presque Isle, Montmorency, and Alcona counties.

We do so often because of you, dear reader.

Whether on our Outdoors page every Saturday or Lifestyles day in and out, you turn your camera on the beauty around you, click to save it for posterity, and share it with us to preserve for the annals of history.

Our reporters are talented behind the lens, but we couldn’t so fully capture the scenery of Up North life without you, reader.

Thank you for that.

And keep ’em coming. Send your photos to newsroom@thealpenanews.com, lifestyles@thealpenanews.com, or submit them online at TheAlpenaNews.com/submit-news.


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