Local businesses need you again

Local businesses do so much for each of us.

Not only do they give us the products we love or the food we enjoy, they also give us jobs, either directly on their payroll or through the money they flow into our economy and to other job creators.

They boost our quality of life and create the identity that makes our community unique.

But they can only do all of those things for us if we support them.

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve repeatedly urged you to shop local and eat local to make sure our small businesses can thrive.

Now, you’re needed again, Northeast Michigan.

As reporter Steve Schulwitz documented recently, several businesses along U.S.-23 south of Alpena are worried about the effects of a major state highway project that will close U.S.-23 for much of the spring and into the early summer.

Coming fresh on the heels of pandemic-related shutdowns, many business owners in the corridor are worried, Schulwitz reported.

A state road official told Schulwitz a temporary gravel lane will allow access to businesses such as the Alcona Brew Haus and Northeastern Window and Door.

We urge our readers to take that gravel lane and continue to support such businesses. Take the detour — only adding about six minutes, according to the state — and continue to visit Harrisville and other places.

Small businesses do so much for us. Let’s keep doing what we can for them.


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