Let the pros save your pets

Alpena firefighters recently went into the icy Thunder Bay River to save two dogs, one of whom had gone through the ice and into the frigid waters.

That heroic act alone would be worth writing about, to point out to readers the good work of our firefighters.

But there’s another important lesson to be learned in that story, Alpena Fire Chief Bill Forbush told reporter Steve Schulwitz.

To make the rescue, firefighters donned equipment and gear to protect them from the cold water and employed their extensive training to make sure both they and the pets could make it safely back to shore.

Those are tools the average Joe or Jane just don’t have.

So, when an emergency arises, let the pros do the professional work that they do.

Don’t go into icy waters yourself to try and save a dog, because firefighters might then have two lives to save, instead of one.

Thank you, firefighters, for everything you do.



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