Congrats, MCO Matthew Dowell

Motor Carrier Officer Matthew Dowell was honored recently as the Michigan State Police’s Motor Carrier Officer of the Year for ethical behavior, dedication to duty, and concern for giving back to the community.

Motor carrier officers are often the unsung heroes of the State Police force.

In charge of enforcing commercial traffic laws, motor carrier officers do more than weigh tractor-trailers to help protect our communities from road-damaging overweight trucks.

They also catch drug traffickers and other smugglers, stop drunk drivers, and perform all kinds of other tasks to make sure our highways are safe.

Dowell is not only a motor carrier officer. He also works as a field training officer and background investigator.

When not in uniform, Dowell coaches his children’s wrestling team and volunteers with hospice and a local animal shelter.

Congratulations, MCO Dowell, on a well-earned honor.

We are glad this community gets a chance to sing for this hero.



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