Stay safe out on the ice

Winter has officially arrived and, with it, cold temperatures.

But don’t take for granted that, just because the calendar has ushered in the newest season, the ice out on the lakes is necessarily safe, yet, for fishing.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources officials remind anglers that “safe ice” varies from body of water to body of water.

They remind us to avoid “milky” areas of ice and areas of ice with protruding debris visible.

Recommended items to have with you are warm clothes, a life jacket, ice picks, and a cell phone. Let a loved one know where you will be fishing and, better yet, have someone join you.

Several days of both freezing and thawing is not a good thing, as it weakens the integrity of the ice foundation on any body of water. So be cognizant of weather changes day to day.

Ice fishing is a wonderful way to enjoy the outdoors in winter.

Get out and give the sport a try, but, as you do so, remember to keep safety at the forefront of the experience.



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