Alpena Agency legacy impressive

Running a business for a day is not easy. Keeping it going for decades is quite a feat.

Keeping it going for decades and in the family is remarkable.

That’s exactly what Alpena Agency has done.

As Steve Schulwitz reported recently, the insurance firm is now preparing to hand the reins over to Claire Kostelic and her husband, Tanner, who will be the fourth generation of the agency’s founder, Frank Bailey, to run the business.

Bailey, who started the business in 1930, turned the firm over to his son-in-law, Dick Wilson, in 1955. Dick Wilson later put his sons in charge — Steve Wilson in 1989 and Pete Wilson in 1995.

Claire Kostelic is Steve Wilson’s daughter.

“We have a lot of history here — family history — and we are very proud of it,” Pete Wilson said. “I think, when it is a family business, you take a lot of pride in what you’re doing and how you represent not just yourself, but your ancestors and people that came before you. It makes you feel good.”

It makes us feel good, too.

Congratulations to the entire Alpena Agency family, and good luck to Claire and Tanner Kostelic.


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