Have a safe St. Antler’s Day

One of the greatest holidays of the year — St. Antler’s Day — arrives Sunday.

Beginning then, area residents and out-of-town visitors will take to the fields and forests around the region in search of that “perfect” deer.

Firearms season for deer has arrived again.

While the opening day of deer season has changed greatly over the years, it still can be a special time for many lucky hunters. The memories made in the blind or sitting around the fire back at camp later in the day will be special for years to come. And, while not as many hunters head Up North as used to this time of year, we still are willing to bet there was a steady stream of vehicles heading north on U.S.-23 or M-65 these past few days.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources biologists say the prospect for a successful hunt is good this season. According to them: “Deer numbers appear high across much of the region. Antler development and body size look exceptionally good this year, likely due to mild winter conditions and good natural forage being available during the spring and summer.”

Whether you hunt on public land or from a blind at camp, please exercise caution and safety while in the woods. Remember to treat every firearm as if it is loaded, be aware of your surroundings, know your target and what is beyond that target, respect private property, and wear as much hunter orange as you can to increase your visibility.

Last year, DNR conservation officers tell us, about 500,000 hunters took to the fields and forests in Michigan in search of deer. The number this year is expected to be about the same.

So, have fun, enjoy the outdoors, and we wish you success. Most of all, however, be safe. If 500,000 hunters are out again this year, we want 500,000 to return back home at the end of the season.



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