Congrats, Paddi LaCross

Staying in any one job for 47 years is quite an accomplishment, but Alpena Building Department Clerk Paddi LaCross did just that.

From her seat at City Hall, LaCross has watched the city change and evolve around her, reporter Steve Schulwitz wrote in a recent profile marking LaCross’s retirement.

She watched the Alpena County Library constructed and saw numerous renovations to City Hall.

Hired at 17 years old through a co-op program in 1973, LaCross has been a City Hall mainstay and told Schulwitz what she’ll miss most in retirement are the friendships she’s made with coworkers and City Hall customers.

“I have gotten really close to a lot of our customers over the years, so I will miss seeing and talking to them,” LaCross told Schulwitz. “I have built up a lot of nice friendships over the years and seen a lot of people come and go from the city. The time sure has gone by fast.”

We are sure your customers will miss you, too.

But enjoy your retirement. It’s much-deserved.



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