Working for Justice working

Working for Justice-Alpena started with the very basic idea that human rights are everyone’s rights, and we all need to be treated equally, as News Lifestyles Editor Darby Hinkley reported back in August.

Started by Fresh Palate owner Eric Peterson and led by Fresh Palate server and bartender Brittany Blethen, the group began with simple initiatives like a sign outside the Fresh Palate advising patrons to stay out if they had symptoms of COVID-19, homophobia, or racism.

On Sunday, as reporter Julie Riddle reported, the group brought dozens of Northeast Michiganders out in a cold drizzle to march silently through the city for a time of quiet self-reflection, followed by speeches at Bay View Park about the importance of inclusion.

Peterson’s stance isn’t always a popular one, but we respect his leadership and the dedication of the Working for Justice organizers, who are using their positions in this community to stand up for what they think is right. Sunday’s turnout indicates many residents agree with their position.

Good work to all for shining a light on this important issue.



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