Stay safe, trick-or-treaters

As reported recently in The News, public health officials believe trick-or-treating can go on safely this Halloween, despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, provided some extra precautions are taken by both trick-or-treaters and those passing out candy.

Trick-or-treaters should:

∫ Wear a cloth mask (a Halloween mask does not provide the necessary protection).

∫ Trick-or-treat only with immediate family members. Large groups of friends increase the risk of infection.

∫ Maintain social distancing (no piling up on a neighbor’s stoop with stranger kids to get that candy).

Those handing out candy should:

∫ Wear a cloth mask.

∫ Consider putting a table between them and trick-or-treaters to help maintain social distancing.

We know the added rules might dampen the fun, but a little bit of precaution now helps guarantee years of trick-or-treating in the future, once we’ve licked this bug.

Stay safe out there, you little ghouls and goblins.



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