Have we seen the highest lake level?

Here’s a lead you haven’t read for quite awhile — the water level of Lake Huron has begun to recede.

So says officials with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers out of Detroit in their latest Great Lakes water level report for August.

While the water level of Lake Huron again set a new record high early in August according to Detroit District Great Lakes Hydraulics and Hydrology Office Chief John Allis, as the month went on the lake levels began a slow decline.

Despite lake levels beginning to decline, Allis warned there still could be a great deal of erosion issues up and down the shoreline from autumn storms.

Fall and early winter months typically bring some of the strongest Great Lakes region storms.

“Even though lake levels are declining, this active weather can potentially bring tremendous impacts to coastlines, including erosion and coastal flooding,” Allis said.

We will be interested to learn September numbers for Lake Huron and just how much, if any, the lake recedes during the month.

One thing is for sure – it took months and months and months to get where the water levels are today on the Great Lakes. It will take a similar amount of time before noticeable decreases of those levels can be observed.

As with most things with Mother Nature, patience is a virtue.


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