Kiddos, send us your weather art

A good newspaper becomes a great newspaper only when its readers are involved in its production.

We rely on you, dear readers, not only as sources for the stories we tell on our front pages, but also for the letters to the editor, engagement announcements, wildlife photos, and other submissions that round out our pages and make The Alpena News a truer reflection of the community we cover.

And we need your help to keep that going.

Kiddos, we need you to draw us pictures of the weather — sunshine, snow, thunderstorms, fall leaves falling — to be featured in a daily spot on our weather page at the back of the A Section.

It’s not just about the cuteness (although that’s an important part).

We hope parents use the process of drawing the weather to research and discuss the science of the weather with their students. Then, when you go hunting to see if your child’s picture is featured, perhaps you’ll pause on a story about the city council, Legislature, or Congress to have a brief lesson in civics. Perhaps you’ll check out our Outdoors page and use it as a starting point for a lesson about biology or ecology. Perhaps you’ll see one of our features on the past and offer up a history lesson.

So, parents, please have your kiddos give us their best picture of the weather.

Please legibly write the child’s name, school, and the grade they’ll enter this fall on the back of the picture. Then drop the picture off or mail it to The News, 130 Park Place, Alpena, Michigan, 49707, or scan or take a photo of the picture and email it to newsroom@TheAlpenaNews.com.

We need you, dear readers, to help The News be the best it can be.



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