Emilio Olivo and Cody Graham are heroes

If it takes a village to raise a child, then, apparently the folks in Alpena are doing pretty well at it.

Earlier this month, two 11th Avenue residents noticed small flames at a neighbor’s house and immediately the two sprung into action to warn the residents of the apartment building.

As a result, Emilio Olivo and Cody Graham should be considered heroes for their quick action.

One flagged down a police car which was in the area at the time, while the other began throwing stones and pebbles at an upper window of the structure to get the occupants’ attention.

It did, and Graham warned the person the house was on fire.

By that time, the fire was quickly spreading, and the family — two parents and a small child — were forced to crawl out a window onto a lower roof.

The child was handed to Graham, the woman jumped into Olivo’s arms, and the man jumped onto a car that was parked nearby.

As that was happening, Alpena police were able to get a wheelchair-bound resident in the basement apartment out of the building, as well.

The officers and two neighbors all should be commended for their heroic action.

Had not the two men been outside at the time, we hate to think what could have happened.



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