Support RC’s Main Street efforts

Rogers City is trying to build a grassroots coalition to bring the Michigan Economic Development Corp.’s Main Street program to the city.

The program would bring some much-needed money and expertise to help the Nautical City revitalize its city center, and MEDC requires the effort to be community-led.

We’re excited by the possibilities, and we hope the city can get as many residents as possible on board to make the program as strong as it can be.

Statewide, MEDC says its Main Street efforts last year led to $19.4 million in private investment, $10.4 million in public investment, the creation of 109 new businesses and, perhaps most importantly, 49,092 volunteer hours.

A community initiative only survives if the community buys in and is invested in its success. That’s what makes this program so interesting. It’s not just a city council voting to apply for a grant and deciding how to spend it.

“The Michigan Main Street program — they have to see you are serious and well invested into it — time, talent and money,” Kim Margehrio, a resident who’s gone through the Main Street training program for residents, said.

We’re excited to see what Rogers City and its people can come up with, and we hope as many residents as are able get involved.



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