Pay attention to your auto insurance plans

Recent reforms to Michigan’s auto insurance system could save drivers big money.

But, as Steve Schulwitz reported recently, the changes could also increase risk.

The reason Michigan’s insurance rates were so high is because we mandated drivers to insure themselves against medical costs stemming from auto crashes.

Under the reform, drivers can choose their level of medical coverage, all the way down to zero. The less coverage, the less the cost.

But drivers with less medical coverage will pay more out of pocket if they’re seriously injured in a crash.

Many health insurance plans don’t cover expenses stemming from crashes, agents told Schulwitz.

The reforms are certainly a good thing for Michigan drivers who paid the highest rates in the country, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch.

The reforms require drivers to do a little more homework and make smart choices, and we urge readers to pay attention to their insurance plans.



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