Glad to see art still happens

We’re excited to see what’s happening at Studio Rubedo.

Gallerist Brian Schorn had some great work by photographer John Ganis to show.

But, because of coronavirus-related restrictions, Schorn couldn’t open the gallery to share Ganis’ work with the public.

So he came up with a great idea.

A loop of Ganis’ color photography will stream through the window of the gallery at 213 W. Chisholm St. for passersby to see. Ganis’ exhibit will also be online through June 27 on the Studio Rubedo website, studiorubedo.com.

Alpena is Art Town because we know the joy and peace art can bring, the way it can challenge us, inspire us, educate us.

And we need all of that more now than ever.

We are happy to see Schorn and other art venues and artists around town come up with creative ways to bring their work to the public.

Thank you.



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