Congrats, Amanda Polaski, Samuel Fitzpatrick

Northeast Michigan education is getting its just recognition.

Recent editions of The News have brought word that Rogers City Elementary School teacher Amanda Polaski is in the running for Michigan Teacher of the Year and that Besser Elementary School third-grader Samuel Fitzpatrick was honored by the state for how quickly he completed personalized learning math courses.

Fitzpatrick recently claimed the top spot in the state for lessons passed in software called Imagine Math.

“I worked on it for a really long time and, for a little bit, I knew I was in third or second, and I knew I could get in first eventually, and I did,” Fitzpatrick told reporter Julie Goldberg.

Polaski, after winning Rogers City Teacher of the Year, learned recently from the Michigan Department of Education that she is a regional semifinalist for the statewide honor.

“I’m very proud to represent my school — and my community, too,” Polaski told Goldberg. “We get missed a lot on the map, sometimes, over in the northeast corner of Michigan, so it’s nice. I put a lot of work in, so it’s good to be recognized.”

Both Fitzpatrick and Polaski represent Northeast Michigan well.

Congrats to both, and good luck to Polaski for making the top spot.



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