Grimshaw’s training benefits us all

Last week, 1st Lt. John Grimshaw, commander of the Michigan State Police-Alpena Post, sat down with News reporter Julie Riddle to talk about his recent completion of the FBI National Academy, a grueling, invitation-only, 11-week course covering everything from physical fitness to cybersecurity to how police should work with transgender persons.

The training, held in Quantico, Virginia, offers police leaders a mix of classroom lectures, research, and phyiscal fitness courses — Grimshaw now has a yellow brick in his office to commemorate his completion of the “Wizard of Oz”-themed fitness course — designed to give them a broad array of the most up-to-date best practices in law enforcement.

The academy, Grimshaw told Riddle, included speakers who responded to the Sandy Hook and Parkland school shootings, talking about lessons learned from the police response to such tragedies, and representatives of Fox News and ABC News, who talked about how police can work better with the media.

“One hundred percent, that is what you want your police to do: to keep you safe,” Grimshaw told Riddle. “If I can do that, I can sail off into the sunset just fine.”

The training was a big step toward that goal.

And the knowledge Grimshaw brought back to Alpena is sure to help Grimshaw’s troopers and other Northeast Michigan police do an even better job of keeping us safe.

Congratulations, 1st Lt. Grimshaw, and thanks.



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