Shop with a Cop a worthy endeavor

Each year, we are thrilled to have the chance to cover the annual Shop with a Cop and Shop with a Hero events that happen at Christmastime.

The events pair area children with law enforcement officers and firefighters to visit a local store and pick up Christmas presents for the kids and their families with donated funds and gift cards from the hosting store.

The events serve two purposes.

One, they give kids who might not otherwise have it the chance to experience the joy of opening presents on Christmas morning. That’s what the season is all about — not the presents, per se, but the joy, that feeling of magic and happiness that should be shared by all children, no matter their means.

Two, the events give kids the opportunity to see police officers in a friendly light.

Police often come into kids’ lives when they’re at their worst, when there’s tragedy and heartbreak. Sometimes, police have to make tough decisions to keep kids safe, decisions kids don’t understand. Kids might then develop negative feelings about the men and women behind the badge.

Shopping for Christmas presents lets kids see police for what they truly are: Community servants.

We’re thankful this program has made its way to Alpena, and we hope it continues long into the future.



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