Welcome aboard, Joseph Gentry

Joseph Gentry has taken over as executive director of the United Way of Northeast Michigan, telling The News his goal is to focus the United Way’s grant-giving on those who earn too much to qualify for public assistance but too little to meet basic needs.

A United Way study found some 44% of Alpena residents fall in that gap.

Gentry seems well-suited to serve that role.

He gained business acumen through years of experience in human resources and management for steel companies and banks. He gained a thorough understanding of the United Way’s mission and the needs it serves through years of volunteering with the organization, including time as president of its board.

The United Way is an important organization, giving grants and leading initiatives in basic needs, in education, and in health.

We feel confident Northeast Michigan’s United Way is in good hands.

Welcome aboard, Joe, and Godspeed.



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