Thank Heavens for all this and more

“Thank Heavens” is a term we hear on occasion, and, since we are sneaking up on Thanksgiving, I’ll give it a shot.

But first, God gave us a sense of humor, right? So, before you readers beat me up, calling me sacrilegious and accusing me of blasphemy, remember that sense of humor, OK?

Dear God, thank heavens nobody is forcing me to watch the impeachment inquiry. I’m done with politics for now. It’s hard for a news junkie like me to admit that, but, from today through the rest of the year, I will focus all my attention on friends and family. Politics will be just as mean and nasty without me poring over their shoulder.

God, thank heavens you gave us wisdom. Most people use it exactly as you intended. However, and with all due respect and reverence to you, Almighty Father, you may have missed a spot. You see, there’s this place in America called Washington, D.C. and you may need to revisit that place and see how they are doing with your “wisdom” thing.

God, thank heavens you gave us patience. It gives us time to reflect on your wonderful world and try to do the right thing. I know you keep a watchful eye on us, but, in case you haven’t noticed, patience was not doled out equally. Some received more, some less, and, unfortunately I was in the “less patience” line. So, heads up, I’ll be asking you for a little more of that as I get older, and even more if your visit to Washington doesn’t go too well.

God, thank heavens you made us all different. Some of us are male, others are female (I personally want to add extra thanks for that!). Some of us are black, others white, and others brown. We know why you did that, to teach us tolerance and respect, but really, did you have to give us Democrats and Republicans? Just an idea, but you may need to drop an extra dose of tolerance and respect on those creatures, because we need them to get along.

God, thank heavens you made us imperfect (I want to mention that I did get in the correct line for that, for I am as imperfect as you can get!). Imperfections give us strength to improve, to learn and to make ourselves a better person every day, and I am still working on that.

God, thank heavens you gave us fear. It’s our warning sign that we may have gone a bit too far, or had a lapse of that “wisdom” thing we spoke about earlier. But spiders? Did you really have to make spiders? I may be wrong, but it seems we could have had a pretty nice world without spiders.

God, when and if we do meet face to face — and, yes, I am aware you issued no guarantees, but did give us perfect instructions — I still have a lot of questions. What was the purpose you gave us jealousy and rage? Why do we hate? Why do we kill, just to name a few?

God, thank heavens you gave us children. It may be your greatest gift of all. They come to us without any understanding of race, of war or evil, or that jealousy and hate. Unfortunately, they learn all that from us. We apologize and ask for your forgiveness.

(Excuse me readers. I feel I must add a personal note here. God, there is one of your many children who needs a bit more attention than others. She is one of millions born with Down syndrome. Her name is Maddox. OK, yes, she is my granddaughter. She is blessed by your hand, as she has wisdom, patience and fear. Yes, she is imperfect, just as I am, but I humbly ask that you guide her and protect her on her journey, for her needs are far greater than my own.)

And God, that impeachment thing I mentioned above? We’ll be just fine. You gave us the ability to think for ourselves, to share our talents, to help and care for each other. You allowed us to learn from our mistakes and go on knowing there is always hope for a better tomorrow and eternal peace.

And God, thank you for giving us the day we set aside to say thanks. We call it Thanksgiving, and most of us will be spending it with our families.

But those spiders? Your decision to create spiders still confuses me the most!

Do I add an “amen” here? I am not sure, but to be on the safe side: Amen!

P.S. — God, you know how to get in touch with me. For those who don’t, feel free to share your thoughts. Gregawtry@awtry.com.

Greg Awtry is the former publisher of the Scottsbluff (Neb.) Star-Herald and Nebraska’s York News-Times. He is now retired and living in Hubbard Lake. Greg can be contacted at gregawtry@awtry.com.


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