Glad to see residents help shape the area

It’s residents that make a community work.

Through volunteerism and work and through investments in tax dollars and shopping, any community venture lives and dies through its buy-on or lack of buy-in from residents.

That is why we are strong believers in the idea that residents should have a major voice in any potential development.

Two community offerings in the works show Northeast Michigan agrees.

Recently, reporter Steve Schulwitz told us of the initial design plans for potential improvements to Mich-e-ke-wis Park. Those plans were developed with input from residents, who also had a chance to comment on the proposed changes.

Meanwhile, reporter Crystal Nelson told us of the effort to build the Sunrise Coastal Trail, which would connect Alpena to Oscoda through a series of linked non-motorized routes. The Northeast Michigan Council of Governments has led the way in surveys and conversations with area government leaders to determine the best route and design for the potential trail.

We are glad to see officials ask for residents’ input on those and other proposals and, more importantly, we are happy to see residents respond.

Keep it up, Northeast Michigan.



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