ACC proves it’s a value people want

Enrollment at Alpena Community College increased 5% this fall over last, The News’ Julie Goldberg reported Thursday.

That increase, both in headcount and credit hours, happened even as other northern Michigan community colleges actually lost students and credit hours.

ACC President Don MacMaster credited ACC’s success to its strong partnership with area K-12 districts through Early College and dual enrollment programs — enrollment in which increased 31% and 7%, respectively — and the college’s responsiveness to the community, offering the kinds of courses its constituents want, such as nursing, utility technology, and concrete technology.

That is exactly why community colleges exist.

While universities provide a well-rounded education and help students succeed, community colleges exist to provide their constituents the kind of education they need to help their neighborhoods, and to provide a bridge for students to university or career.

The figures show ACC is giving its 1,517 students exactly that kind of value.

Kudos all around.



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