Protect our kids, follow the rules of the road on bus safety

School has been in session about a week now in much of Northeast Michigan, and, obviously, some motorists need a reminder on safety around school buses.

Remember that, when a bus has both its red and yellow overhead lights flashing, it means the bus is about to stop. Motorists need to show down and be extra cautious when they see that happening.

When just the red overhead lights are flashing, it means the bus has come to a stop, so give the bus plenty of distance.

Oftentimes, a stop sign will be extended from the driver’s side of the bus at that time, as well. Students will either be entering or exiting a bus at this time, so be alert.

When the red lights are turned off, it is safe to proceed, but still be cautious.

If a bus just has its yellow overhead lights flashing, it means to slow down and proceed with caution.

Often, bus drivers might pull off the road and have their yellow lights on to allow motorists who have waited on them to pass by.

While most motorists are pretty good around a bus, every year at this time, it seems as if some need another reminder of the “rules of the road.”

Be cautious around a bus, as we want to keep our students safe and secure this and every school season.