Kudos, Jerry Lancaster, for building such a legacy

We love a good story, and Jerry Lancaster gave us a great one last week.

Reporter Julie Goldberg on Saturday told us all about how Jerry, at just 20 years old, started Alpena’s L&S Transit Mix Concrete Co. with his dad, Willis.

Now 90 years old, Jerry still works at the business he helped build. And he expects to be there at least a couple more years.

“I’m not a person that can just lay around,” Jerry told Goldberg. “I enjoy it and I meet people.”

L&S started with one truck, but had to buy another when it earned the contract to pour concrete for what was then a brand-new Ella White Elementary School.

That contract guaranteed L&S an important spot in the history of our community.

And that means Jerry is an important part of our history, too.

Today, L&S has five trucks, uses various types of concrete, and sees a bright future in concrete homes becoming more popular.

We’re glad that Jerry and others like him — who work hard and humbly — are part of the fabric of Alpena.

Kudos, Jerry. You’re an inspiration to us all.



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