It’s never OK to drink and drive

Drunk drivers who end up in Judge Thomas LaCross’s courtroom will be forced to see the faces of Aneena, 6, and Kya Lurak, 5, and Drayka Rayshell, 3, three beaming little girls from Ohio who were killed by a drunk driver.

The story of the girl’s death, widely reported in Ohio media, caught the attention of the 88th District Court judge, who told The News last week “the possibilities are grave, grave,” every time someone drinks and gets behind the wheel. He intends to show stories of the girls’ death, and the girls’ photos, to defendants who stand before him.

In 2017, 10,874 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes in America, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Of those, 220 were children.

Each and every one of those deaths could have been avoided.

It is never OK to drink and drive. You might think you’re OK to drive. If there’s even the slightest question, you’re not.

And few dumber things have ever been said than those who say, “I actually drive better when I’m drunk.”

If you drink, do not drive. Just don’t.

If you see one of your friends intoxicated and getting behind a wheel, stop them. Steal their keys. Call a cab. Call a friend who hasn’t been drinking.

When you drink and drive, it’s not the threat of jail or losing your license or paying a fine you need to be afraid of.

You need to be afraid you might kill Aneena, Kya, and Drayka, or other innocents like them.

We commend Judge LaCross for reminding defendants in his courtroom what’s really at stake.



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