Do what you can for our furry hero

As we write often in this space, we are routinely thrilled by the generosity of Northeast Michigan’s people.

We volunteer.

We donate.

We step up.

We solve problems.

We take care of our friends and neighbors.

Now, one of our furry neighbors needs our help, and we hope Northeast Michigan will again answer the call.

Last week, reporter Julie Riddle introduced us to Kaiser, a 4-year-old German shepherd who works with the Alpena County Search and Rescue Team. The animal has saved at least one life and is suffering from hip dysplasia, which could sideline his young and promising career.

Owner/trainer Chris Moe-Herlick is currently paying the roughly $13,000 in medical bills for the dog’s treatment out of pocket, because Moe-Herlick believes Kaiser “has many more lives to save.”

But you can help, Northeast Michigan.

If you visit the Search and Rescue Team’s website, alpenacountysar.com, and scroll to the bottom, there is a button to donate to the team. Follow that donation up by reaching out to the team at 989-354-9836 or alpenacountysar@gmail.com and letting them know you’d like your donation to go toward Kaiser’s treatment.

The animal is playing an important role in our community. Not only does he work search and rescue, he also helps train Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops on how to stay safe in the woods.

And he needs our help to keep doing it.

We hope he gets the help he needs.

Good boy, Kaiser!