Be prepared for school’s return

We know, we know, we know. It’s hard to believe, but (*wipes tears from eyes*) summer is almost over.

In a matter of days, most Northeast Michigan students will be heading back to class. All of them will within a few short weeks.

Already, there are meet-the-teacher events and orientations and football players are back at practice. We’re still loving the swimming in Thunder Bay and backyard barbecues and the like, but already we can taste a bit of pumpkin spice and smell the crisping of leaves …

If you’re not yet, kids and parents, it’s time to start getting ready for the return of teachers and books and bells and homework.

Here are some tips on how to do that from TeachHub.com:

∫ Get back into a sleep routine. Nobody needs a groggy pupil, so getting kids in the habit of early to bed and early rising will help them be ready for that first bell.

∫ Take your kids shopping for school supplies. Letting them pick out their tools will make them more excited about their trade.

∫ Set up a homework station. Having a dedicated place where they will work will help them stay focused.

∫ Turn off the TV and video games.

∫ You’re probably already getting several letters from school. Make sure to read them all and do what you can at home to help the teachers at school.

∫ Get your child’s yearly checkup at the doc’s office.

And, we would add, read!

Reading helps your student master every other subject. Hopefully, they’ve been reading all summer, but now is the time to add some more time turning pages.