If you want Plaza Pool year-round, you’ll have to support it

The Plaza Pool in Alpena will remain open this summer after county commissioners last week decided to give $25,000 to pool officials to keep the pool’s fund balance from going into the hole.

Commissioners had considered closing the pool over the summer months but decided against that after meeting with pool management and some users of the facility.

While we support that decision, we also realize that, going forward, there might come a time when closing the pool for a portion of the summer might make sense.

Our community is fortunate to have the Plaza Pool. We believe the use that facility receives is impressive and the value it provides in helping teach youngsters to swim is invaluable. In our view, it is a true gem.

That being said, the pool is not inexpensive to operate and maintain.

If not for the support from public property tax money, it would probably have been closed years ago. Several factors led to the pending shortfall this summer, including lost revenue days from pool closures in the winter because of weather and a large cancellation of scheduled pool reservations.

The pool management team received a reprieve from county commissioners this year, but that is probably the last time that will occur.

If residents want to ensure Plaza Pool is open 12 months of the year going forward, then support it whenever you can.