Glad to see Alpena veteran get his due

Last week, just in time for the celebration of America’s birth and those who sacrificed to keep this great country living, came the news of George Guild finally getting his due.

Guild was the first Alpena native to die fighting for his country when he was killed in action on Nov. 3, 1864, battling for the Union in the Civil War.

He was buried in Arlington National Cemetery, but under the wrong name. For 153 years, his tombstone said “William Guild,” instead of “George.”

It wasn’t until this year, with the help of armchair historian Don Londo, of Alpena Township, with an assist by U.S. Rep. John Moolenaar, that the federal government erected a new headstone giving George Guild his proper commemoration.

“Every community has these heroes,” Londo told reporter Julie Riddle for a story last week. “That’s the important thing of it. Alpena is not an isolated little town. It is a part of the fabric of the United States of America. It contributes into it, and it has its place.”

We say thanks to Londo for his efforts to give an Alpena native his proper recognition.

We must honor our heroes and do so properly, and we’re glad to see that Alpena veteran finally get his due.



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