Congrats, grads!

“Next stop, real world” was the headline Crystal Nelson’s coverage of Hillman’s high school graduation ceremonies in Monday’s edition.

As of today, most students in Northeast Michigan have reached that next stop, having turned their tassels and picked up their diplomas and headed out to college, the military, or a job.

We say congratulations to each and every one of you on such a momentous accomplishment, and we wish you good luck, wherever your adventure next takes you.

Remember all of the lessons you learned from your parents, your teachers, your coaches and your peers. We speak not only about that algebra equation or that historical factoid or that piece of literature.

The lessons about friendship and honesty and integrity and loyalty and responsibility will be just as important –nay, more important –as you head off to college and careers and relationships.

If you are staying in Northeast Michigan, we’re glad to have you, and we know you’ll contribute mightily to making our community an even better place than it is today.

If you’re leaving, we wish you well, but know that you’re always welcome home.

Congrats, grads!



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