Congratulations, Pat Rondeau

Congratulations to Patricia “Pat” Rondeau, who was on Sunday named Outstanding Senior of the Year at the Alpena Senior Citizen Center’s Older Americans Dinner.

Rondeau, according to a Monday story by News reporter Crystal Nelson, accepted the recognition with great humility, saying she hadn’t done anything she considered “outstanding.”

She was chosen from a field of nominations and three finalists and was recognized for her work on the senior center’s Board of Directors and her volunteerism over the last 15 years at the senior center. She also has written two grants that have helped students at Alternative Choices for Educational Success (ACES) Academy learn about food service and entrepreneurship.

“Each of these three ladies are very respected in our community, very active in our community, and all three are very humble about the things they do,” senior center Director Annie Hepburn said. “They stand up for what’s right and each are very passionate about their endeavors.”

We appreciate and respect Rondeau’s humility, but we say anyone who gives of their time and talents to help their neighbors does truly outstanding work and helps make this community a better place to live and work.

So we say congratulations again to Rondeau, and to seniors Judy Poli and Carole Cadarette, who also were recognized during Sunday’s luncheon for their contributions to the senior center and the community, and to anyone else who gives even a little bit of their time for their neighbors.

May you inspire us all to do our part.