We were there in 2018, we’ll be there for you in 2019

Another year into the history books, and 2018 was a doozy.

Notwithstanding the raucus news all year long on the federal level and one of the most frantic lame-duck sessions in memory in Lansing, Northeast Michigan saw its fair share of noteworthy events.

The years-long dispute between the City of Alpena and Alpena Township over water and sewer rates saw a final ruling in local courts, only to be moved on to the Michigan Court of Appeals, where it remains, stretching into yet another year.

The legendy Ki Cuyler’s Bar and Grill in Harrisville burned.

Alpena Public Schools moved forward on a potential $63 million bond project to fund building renovations throughout its district –a final decision on whether or not to put that question to voters could come next month.

The News was there for it all, because that’s what newspapers do. We are the first recorders of history, as it’s happening. And, if ever you want to remind yourself what 2018 was like, you can come down and ask to peruse through our archives (stories rounding out the biggest news of 2018 and the biggest issues upcoming in 2019 were printed Saturday and Monday).

As we embark on another year, the final year of our second decade of this new millennium, we’re sure to see a lot more.

And we’ll be there for all of it, marking it down for the ages.