Story from Brighton defines the true spirit of Christmas

The Christmas season may have come and gone, but its spirit still lives in the state of Michigan.

A southeastern Michigan girl who is battling leukemia has received more than 4,500 Christmas cards since late November, according to an article from the Livingston Daily Press & Argus.

Emma Roberts of Brighton is the recipient of so much heartwarming support. The whole thing started through a social media campaign by another Brighton resident who wanted to lift the 13-year-old’s spirits.

“I feel bad for the mail lady,” said Emma’s father, Tom Roberts. He said deliveries sometimes come twice a day.

Since the diagnosis came in April, Emma has spent 48 days in the hospital. She has been unable to attend seventh-grade classes at Scranton Middle School.

Emma’s family opens the cards together and reads them aloud. Cards have arrived from all over the world, including Iceland, South Korea, Sweden, Mexico and Australia. Some were sent by childhood cancer survivors and families affected by the disease.

“It makes me feel better that it is not just me fighting,” said Emma, who sleeps with some cards under her pillow. “It’s nice to know someone else fought hard and survived it.”

While many of us rifled through a mountain of gifts on Tuesday morning, the true meaning of Christmas was unfolding in Brighton. During the incredibly hectic month of December, people from near and far had taken the time out of their schedules to let a sick little girl know she wasn’t alone. If that doesn’t define the true spirit of Christmas, we don’t know what does.



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