Be good neighbors, keep your sidewalk cleared

As we continue to dig out of the first big snow of the season –and more snow on the way early next week, according to the National Weather Service –we are reminded of the beauty that is our Up North winter wonderland.

But we are also reminded of the many hassles that nature’s bounty can bring us. Slick roads mean slow moving to the places we need to go. We have to haul back-breaking slush out of the ends of our driveways.

And we have to keep our sidewalks clear.

The City of Alpena, in a brief item published in Thursday’s paper, reminds residents that they have 48 hours after a snowfall to clear the stuff from any sidewalks in front of their home.

It is our responsibility as homeowners — and tenants, in some cases –to make sure the sidewalks around our home are passable for our neighbors.

Not only is it required (the city can ticket you if you don’t), but it’s just the neighborly thing to do.

Many people head out even in these flurry conditions to walk their dogs or just walk themselves for exercise or just to enjoy the scenery. And unshoveled sidewalks can make what out to be a pleasurable experience into a hazardous adventure.

So, please, keep your sidewalks clear.