Governments should continue looking to share

We support the concept of shared services, or consolidation of efforts, whenever and wherever it is feasible.

One of the success stories toward that end in recent years has been the sharing of a superintendent in the Atlanta and Hillman school districts. Carl Seiter is a special person who has served in that capacity well. Thanks to his dedication, organization and planning, he has made his role as superintendent of the two district work, and work well.

The boards of both districts meet quarterly to evaluate the arrangement and consider other areas where it might be mutually advantageous to share services. For instance, while shared transportation might, at first glance, seem like a prime area for consolidation, in evaluating that possibility, it has been learned that actually consolidation in that area would only add costs to both districts. Obviously, then, it makes no sense to further explore that possibility.

It is encouraging to see this communication occurring, and the different districts at least exploring opportunities for shared services that make sense.

As we head into the future, we believe shared services and/or consolidation is going to become more and more discussed as a means for financial survival with small districts or governments. That being the case, the arrangement with Seiter is a model that other government entities should study if they find themselves in a position similar to the one Atlanta and Hillman school districts did last school year.