Ah, football … ‘Americana’ at its best, we love it

Bright lights. A marching band. Creative cheers. An official’s whistle.

It’s all part of the wonderful sights and sounds that signal the start of yet another season of high school football across Michigan.

We like to think of it as a slice of “Americana” at its best.

In the bleachers at football stadiums, the young and old, black and white, male and female will mix together as they all root for the same team. For two hours, it matters not your social status or how many Facebook friends you have — in the stands everyone rooting for the same team is your friend.

If your team is the home team that week, you enjoy the better seats that offer a closer walk to the amenities like the concession stand or restrooms. If you are the visiting team, well there are seats, although the view isn’t always the greatest. In Alpena, for instance, this time of year the visitors will be staring straight into the setting sun just as the game is beginning.

Regardless, it’s all part of the “atmosphere” that makes a stadium special in the Fall.

On any Thursday, Friday or Saturday from now through October, the sound of grunts and groans will come from football fields across the region. Pads will collide and coaches will be heard hollering up such exotic phrases as “Omaha, Omaha … blue 24, on two.”

High school football is back and we love it!