A good opportunity to learn more about invasive species

This week the Michigan Department of Natural Resources is trying to raise awareness about invasive species with “STOP the Invasives Week” in state parks. The initiative is running Tuesday through Saturday and will “highlight the identification, management and impact of invasive species,” according to the DNR.

The program, which will be led by Explorer Guides and park interpreters, is aimed at informing the public on how to identify invasive species and how to help stop the spread.

Anyone who has lived in Michigan knows the state has been battling invasive species on a number of fronts, both on land and in the water, with more potentially coming our way. Programs like these help raise awareness and help residents and visitors alike to get involved in trying to eliminate them.

Invasive species are a major threat to the state’s economy and environment, as well as human health. Eradicating them takes a team effort and the STOP program is one more tool we have to eliminate invasive species and the threat they possess.

To find out which local parks are hosting these events log on to www.michigan.gov/natureprograms and click on the link “STOP the Invasives Week” under Special Programs and Activities. And to learn more about identifying and preventing the spread of invasive species, visit michigan.gov/invasivespecies.


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