Michigan mall to open ‘rage room’

MARQUETTE (AP) — A Michigan mall plans to open a so-called “rage room” where people buy tickets to smash things.

“The Rampage Room” is set to open at the Westwood Mall in Marquette in April, MLive.com reported Friday.

Myles Moncalieri along with two partners is working to make the room a reality. He said people will be able to book sessions online. Customers will be provided protective equipment and given 20 minutes in the room to smash fragile objects with bats or other weapons as rage music plays.

He said he plans to stock the room with objects donated from local businesses. When that supply line dries up he plans to peruse thrift stores for fragile items, he said. People can destroy their own items in the room as well, he said. He also plans to place a safe in the room and place a prize inside that customers can keep if they can wreck the safe.

The room will offer an opportunity to celebrate all manner of events, from birthdays to divorces.

“It’s a good way to exercise or blow off some steam,” he said.


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