Fallen Detroit cop recognized after grandson submits essay

DETROIT (AP) — A fallen Michigan police officer who died in 2008 from injuries related to a shooting in 1978 will be honored after his grandson mentioned his career in a scholarship application.

Scott Larkins’ name will be added in May to the National Fallen Officers Memorial in Washington, D.C., The Detroit News reported.

Police officer Chris Powell discovered the oversight earlier this year after reading Jacob Fournier’s essay for a scholarship in honor of Collin Rose, Powell’s friend who died in the line of duty. The essay mentioned Larkins’ career as a Detroit officer who was shot on the job.

Scott’s widow, Sharon Larkins, said she never thought this would happen.

“I can’t believe (Powell) did all that for our family,” she said. “We’ve been through so much over the years.”

Sharon also expressed gratitude for Powell. “I asked him why he would do this for a family he doesn’t even know, and he said, ‘I saw a hero who was never honored properly, and brothers and sisters on the police force have to look out for each other.'”

Powell said he checked for Larkins’ name in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and came up short. But Larkins’ autopsy report revealed his death was a duty-related homicide.

He presented his findings to the Detroit Police Department, which recognized Larkins’ death as duty-related last month.

He then petitioned the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund, and a decision was made Sept. 18 allowing Larkins’ name to be added to the memorial.

Powell hopes to raise enough money to send Larkins’ family to the ceremony.

“It’s been an honor to learn (Larkins’) story and help tell it,” he said. “Thinking that it grew out of our scholarship is even better.”

Fournier won the $500 scholarship.

He said in a written statement to the foundation that it was divine intervention that got him the scholarship.

“I believe the scholarship came at the right time and for a reason,” he said.


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