Alison Borowski to cross seas to Northumbria University taking soccer talents to England

News Photo by Owen Kinzey Alison Borowski, center, poses with family after signing to play soccer at Northumbria University next year after wrapping up the school year and soccer season at Alpena High School this spring. Borowski will go overseas to continue to play at the next level.

ALPENA — Of all Alpena High School athletes to sign this season, Alison Borowski’s situation might be the most unique.

No person from Alpena High has ever expressed their soccer abilities to the rest of the world until Borowski committed to Northumbria University, joining the club level.

This transition will most definitely be demanding and complex, but time and dedication to hard work have always been top values for Borowski.

“As a coach, there is no better player you can ask for than Alison (Borowski),” Alpena’s soccer coach Gregg Suprian said. “She’s always willing to go the extra mile, and she’s always ready to take on whatever responsibility you throw her way. I’m thrilled to see how Alison will perform, and she’s conquering an opportunity nobody else has done, so I’m super proud of her for that.”

While senior awards have yet to be announced since the season is still ongoing, Borowski has already accomplished two awards during her previous years.

News Photos by Owen Kinzey Alison Borowski, center, signs to continue her soccer and academic careers at Northumbria University in England. The Wildcat has seen many accomplishments throughout her years at Alpena High School and looks forward to advancing in her sport.

As a four-year AHS soccer player, Borowski has already earned All-District Team and a Big North Conference honorable mention, with potentially more awards on the way.

Throughout this journey, Borowski has also notched several memories as a Wildcat.

Most notably, in Alpena’s recent tournament win, the Wildcats cleaned house, destroyed all opponents, and walked away with the trophy.

Although her focus is still on the final games of the season, Northumbria presents Borowski with a chance to continue her career on the backline, and she hopes to add a new dynamic to the team.

By fine-tuning her skills and utilizing her strengths to her advantage, Northumbria will have the chance to heavily value her talent and offer her a role that showcases her abilities.

Even though Northumbria seems like the perfect candidate, choosing to play across the seas in England wasn’t a simple choice for Borowski.

“I chose Northumbria because the soccer program is really advanced, and it’s completely different than the other opportunities I was given,” Borowski said. “Going to where the game originated felt very important to me, and I didn’t think I’d have the same experience anywhere.”

Accompanying her soccer abilities, Borowski will also concentrate on her studies in business management and data science engineering as a double degree.

With this degree, she plans to enter the entrepreneurial field or become a data engineer in the business world, focusing on data analysis.

Borowski’s commitment to Northumbria is not only a testament to her athletic prowess but also to her academic ambitions.

Balancing a double degree while playing at a high level of soccer will be challenging, but Borowski’s determination and work ethic make her well-equipped to handle it.

As Alison Borowski steps into this new chapter at Northumbria University, she carries with her Alpena’s spirit and support. Her journey reminds her of the heights that can be achieved through dedication and hard work, along with the support from those who mean the most.

“I would like to thank Coach Supiran, my parents, past and present teammates, and friends in general who have always supported me,” Borowski said.


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