Pam Tebow shares her story at Options Pregnancy Center event

News Photo by Darby Hinkley Pam Tebow talks to an audience of over 130 people Thursday night at All Saints Parish Hall.

ALPENA — She chose to carry out a difficult pregnancy after doctors told her she should get an abortion, and that led to a healthy son, 2007 Heisman Trophy winner, Tim Tebow.

Since his birth in the Philippines, Tim Tebow has made his life a living testimony, and that would not have been possible if his mother had terminated the pregnancy.

“We kept thinking we lost Timmy so many times, but God preserved him,” Pam Tebow said.

The doctor told her husband, “I’ve delivered over 25,000 babies, but I’ve never seen a miracle like this one. I cannot explain your wife and your son’s survival. It’s a miracle.”

They named him Timothy, which means, “honoring God.”

News Photo by Darby Hinkley Father Tyler Bischoff of All Saints Parish leads the prayer at Thursday night’s event.

“He honors God with his testimony,” Pam Tebow said on Thursday.

Pam Tebow shared her story with an audience of over 130 people on Thursday evening at Options Pregnancy Center’s fundraiser, held at All Saints Parish Hall in Alpena.

“You have other options,” Pam Tebow said. “You don’t have to abort your baby.”

She said God has a plan for every human being, and trusting him is vital during times of difficult decisions.

“When you do things for the cause of Christ, and people watch you, they’re encouraged to do the same,” Pam Tebow said.

News Photo by Darby Hinkley A variety of decadent desserts are shown on the tables. Annette Carlson made the desserts and Jeanne Cornelius decorated for the event. Many volunteers helped with the evening.

OPC Director Emily Potter was delighted to have Pam Tebow as the speaker.

“It’s a big deal,” Potter said. “This is actually our largest speaker we’ve had, and she’s nationally well-known. We are very excited to host her, as she is a champion for life and has worked very hard in the past to support pregnancy centers in their fundraising goals, as well as encouraging people to utilize their services.”

Options Pregnancy Center has moved to a new location in a former church building at 233 Cavanaugh St. Renovations are in process, and the center is open.

“This is going to help us raise money for our continued renovations and improvements to our new space,” said Potter. “It will help fund movement toward the second and third phases of operation. We are beginning phase one now. So, over time, that income needs to be consistent in order for us to keep the momentum going to get those three phases finished.”

Improvements include adding an ultrasound machine room, updating the building to be handicap accessible, adding a maternity clothing closet, and more.

“Whereas, other clinics charge for a lot of things, our services are free,” Potter noted.

Options Pregnancy Center does not offer or refer for pregnancy terminations or birth control.

On Thursday, attendees enjoyed a variety of decadent desserts, made by Annette Carlson. Jeanne Cornelius decorated for the event. Many volunteers helped with the evening.

“We are so grateful that we serve a master that loves babies,” Pam Tebow said of God. “And he loves the moms. And he’s going to give you what you need to help save these babies and encourage these moms.”

For more information, call 989-354-6089 or visit optionspregnancycenter.org.


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