Teen says man gave him alcohol, assaulted him

News Photo by Julie Riddle William James Allen, right, accused of sexually assaulting an incapacitated victim, listens during a hearing in an Alpena court on Wednesday.

ALPENA — A downstate teen told a court a 69-year-old Alpena man sexually assaulted him at an Alpena campground in July after plying him with alcohol.

The alleged victim, 17, said he was in Alpena camping with a friend for the weekend when William James Allen, also camping, gave the teen several drinks and then, while the teen was intoxicated, coerced him into sexual activity, first in a private picnic area and then in Allen’s camper.

The News does not identify alleged victims of sexual assault.

Allen is charged with third-degree sexual assault of an incapacitated victim and assault with intent to do great bodily harm. He denies the charges.

In the 88th District Court on Wednesday, the alleged victim described an encounter with Allen, a stranger to the teen.

Allen invited the young man into his camper after asking his help setting up his campsite, then gave him whiskey and beer, telling him to “slam” the drinks quickly, before Allen’s wife returned, the witness said.

The two then took a ride on a golf cart to a clearing removed from the campground, according to testimony. There, the witness said, Allen eventually convinced the alleged victim to perform anal sex on him.

During this time and throughout the incident, the witness said, he was intoxicated to the point of physical disability and afraid Allen would hurt him physically.

Afterward, according to testimony, the two went back to Allen’s camper and consumed more alcohol. There, the alleged victim testified, Allen covered his face with cling wrap, securing it around his head with duct tape, and choked the teen with both hands until the younger man ripped the plastic away. He left the camper shortly thereafter after a friend came to the door.

Defense attorney Dan White questioned the alleged victim’s timeline of the story, saying the events, as they were described, couldn’t possibly have happened in the timeframe that had been established by others present at the campground.

Though the teen reported the incident to family members and police the next day, he left out the portion of the story involving the golf cart until much later, White noted. The alleged victim said he forgot that part of the story when first making his report.

The defense attorney also produced photos of the clearing where the golf cart was alleged to have been parked during the encounter, noting its closeness to campsites and a river, where, the teen testified, a pontoon boat passed close to the men as they were intimately involved. They were able to pull on clothing in time to not be noticed by the boaters, the witness said.

During the time the alleged victim said he was being accosted against his will, he didn’t call out to the boaters for help, White pointed out. And, when the men allegedly returned to the campsite, he didn’t walk away but returned to Allen’s camper and allowed the drinking and sex play to continue.

“How many opportunities did you have to avoid this, if what you say is true?” White asked the witness.

“My brain doesn’t work like that in that kind of moment,” the witness said, reiterating that his body and thinking processes were slowed by the alcohol he had consumed.

White also questioned the witness about his drinking and drug use history and about a stop at the camp store the witness said Allen had made to purchase lotion used in the assault after the two talked about Allen’s wish for sex with a male partner. The alleged victim went to the store with Allen before he agreed to the golf cart ride, White said.

The preliminary examination — at which a judge decides if there is enough evidence for a case to continue to trial — was adjourned because of the lateness of the day. At its continuation, a police officer is also expected to testify.

Julie Riddle can be reached at 989-358-5693, jriddle@thealpenanews.com or on Twitter @jriddleX.


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