Man who called for jail riot could spend years in prison

ALPENA — Violence at the county jail and intimidating and resisting police officers will probably lead an Alpena man to spend three years in state prison.

Terry Suszek appeared in the 88th District Court on Thursday, agreeing to plead guilty to assaulting prison employees, destruction of police property, and resisting and obstructing arrest.

As part of the plea agreement, Alpena County Prosecutor Ed Black will suggest a sentence of 36 months to seven-and-a-half years in prison for Suszek, who will be sentenced as a habitual offender.

Suszek was bound over to a higher court Thursday, agreeing to accept a plea deal when he is arraigned in the 26th Circuit Court.

After an arrest involving malicious destruction of police property, Suszek, freed on bond, was arrested again while under the influence of methamphetamines. At the time of the arrest, he struggled with officers and destroyed more police property. It wasn’t immediately clear what property was destroyed or how.

While incarcerated, as evidenced on jail video, Suszek incited other inmates to resist corrections officers, Black said.

While being processed at the jail, Suszek attempted to escape a holding cell and a restraint chair, threatening officers and screaming to other inmates to attempt to incite them and saying he would start a riot, according to police reports.

Numerous phone calls made from the jail by Suszek and other inmates made reference to gang activity and the inmates becoming “legends,” police reports said.

Defense attorney Rick Steiger requested a reduction in Suszek’s $750,000 bond, indicating that the defendant is a lifelong resident of Alpena and has family in the area.

The request was contested by Black, citing Suszek’s violence, resistance to law enforcement, and substance abuse when previously released on bond. Judge Thomas LaCross reduced the bond to a half-million dollars.

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