ICYMI: The News’ complete ‘Changing Face of Alpena’ series

News Photo by Julie Goldberg From left to right, Alpena Community College international students Yuki Nishibashi, Musa Kabbah, and Austin Brain work recently on a computer in the college’s library.

ALPENA — U.S. Census estimates and other data shows the face of Northeast Michigan is changing.

While that face is still far more likely than not to be white, straight, and Christian, the 2020 Census next year is likely to find a far more diverse region than it did a decade ago.

The News’ reporters spent weeks interviewing area residents, officials, and experts from outside the area to understand what those changes might mean for the region and for area residents of color.

* OCT. 26, 2019: Northeast Michigan diversifying, though not enough for some

* OCT. 28, 2019: Area’s growing diversity especially seen in schools

* OCT. 29, 2019: Groups working to address diversity in Northeast Michigan

* OCT. 30, 2019: Northeast Michigan hasn’t caught up to changing demographics

* ALPENA NEWS EDITORIAL: On diversity, do no harm, fight for good

* ALSO, FROM OCT. 19, 2019: As American Indian culture more celebrated, Northeast Michigan lacking, woman says


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