ACC continues updates to mission statement

News Photo by Julie Goldberg The Alpena Community College Board of Trustees meets in a workshop session on Wednesday to talk further about updating the college’s mission and goals.

ALPENA — Alpena Community College is in the process of updating its mission and goals.

The college Board of Trustees held a workshop session Wednesday with the college’s Strategic Planning and Budgeting Committee, which has been tasked with revising the college’s current, decade-old mission and goals.

College President Don MacMaster said it was a great conversation between the board and the committee on Wednesday.

The new mission statement would be to create a culture of education excellence and service to the community.

The new goals would be:

∫ Campus/culture: offer a welcoming, safe, and adaptable culture that aspires.

∫ Learning/education: motivate continuous education of diverse opportunities and knowledge acquisition through a flexible learning environment.

∫ Community: stimulate community collaboration, which fosters comprehensive economic and community development.

∫ Value: exercise sustainable value that supports career pathways and fiscal responsibility

The current mission and goals were adopted by the college’s Board of Trustees in 2005. During the 2017-18 school year, the committee decided to start work on updating the mission and goals. The proposed changes have been reviewed and commented on by the school’s Executive Council.

MacMaster said the finalization of the mission and goals should be at the end of the college’s fiscal year, which is June.

“There’s a little bit of back and forth on, I think, goal three, and I think it has some language that may need to be tweaked, somewhat, but, basically, I think the board was impressed with the output of that group and felt that they were on-target,” MacMaster said.

The board decided Wednesday to have a few board members sit with the committee to help provide input. Trustees Florence Stibitz and Susan Stender will sit with the committee with either Lisa Hilberg or Joseph Gentry being the third trustee to sit in when the committee meets.

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