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ROGERS CITY — The Presque Isle County Board of Commissioners decided to wait to accept a donation of land during Friday’s board meeting.

“The Gapczynski family would like to donate 16.14 parcel adjoining the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse Park to either the county or lighthouse society. The lighthouse society is willing to do it and they’ll abide by all of the restrictions that they’re setting forth. It can be for non-motorized trails, walking, snowshoeing, cross country skiing. They will pay to have professionals lay out the trails and provide funds to maintain it. I would recommend that we would allow them to do it,” Commissioner Lee Gapczynski said.

Commissioner Stephen Lang said the county has its hands full when it comes to parks.

Vice Chairman Bob Schell said because the lighthouse society said it would maintain and do all the work associated with the land, so it won’t be an additional financial burden on the county to accept it.

“It was very generous of the family to offer that,” Schell said.

Lang asked if there will be restrictions on the land for potential future sale of the property since the county will have no control over it.

“I just want to make sure it’s used for county purposes,” Lang said.

He said he just wants to protect the residents of the county so they will have future use to the park and the Lighthouse Society couldn’t divest themselves of the property.

Schell and Lang asked how the land deed would be set up.

“The way it was presented to me it would be deeded to the lighthouse society,” Gapczynski said.

Lang said he would support the donation to the lighthouse society if there were restrictions to block any sale to a private person.

“I would guess that would be up to the family to put those restrictions on it. We can agree to accept it but I guess we’ll have them work out the final details,” Lang said.

A decision on the donation was tabled.

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